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James Bond Tour in Istanbul



Are you a 007 fan? Join us and visit a location shooting where James Bond films filmed!

Only a few cities except London play a big part in the history of James Bond movies, and Istanbul is definitely one of them. That´s wonderful to watch three different James Bond films shot in Turkey, by different directors, featuring different lead actors and of course, showing the changing face of Istanbul over the years.


James Bond back in Istanbul !




From Russia with Love (1963)

Sean Connery as 007 fights evil among the 1960s era of Istanbul. Scenes in Turkey start with the iconic Hagia Sophia and continue in different parts of Istanbul’s historic peninsula including Basilica Cistern where Bond takes a mysterious underground boat ride. The events lead Bond to visit a gypsy tribe living at the Rumelian Castle and finally end with him boarding the Orient Express from Sirkeci train station to leave Turkey. The film also serves as an important documentary of old Istanbul.




The World Is Not Enough (1999)

36 years and 17 films later, Pierce Brosnan take the role of 007 to visit Istanbul again. One of the key locations in the film is the famous Kiz Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower), used as the hideout of the villain Renard.





Skyfall (2012)

“Skyfall“  is the most recognized James Bond film. The film begins with 007 at the Deutsche Orient Bank building witnessing his fellow MI6 agent being shot. He gets into an off-road vehicle and drives through the narrow streets of the Eminönü district. A big local market, set in Eminönü square for over a week, filmed the first part of the famous motorcycle chasing scenes, which then continued onto the roof of the ancient Grand Bazaar.





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