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Relax your body, refresh your mind in Turkey.



Natural Hot Springs

Turkey is among the top countries in terms of geothermal potential in the world. There are almost 1,500 hot springs of different flows, temperature and chemical compositions in our country.

The ancient Romans discovered the therapeutic powers of Turkey’s many thermal springs. The Romans were well aware of the therapeutic powers of thermal springs and mineral waters, building the ancient city of Hierapolis close to the waters of Pamukkale.



Hammam – Turkish Bath

In Ottoman times, hammams have been social centers for hundreds of years. There is an incredible environment, architecture, service and everything of absolutely necessary to see. The historic hamams, especially those built by the sultans to serve their imperial mosques, are beautiful works of Ottoman architecture made of fine marble with rich decoration.

Turkish baths that was built with the purpose of the water use for health is not only a cleaning place for Turks. Today, hammams are still health and entertainment centers where people having social activities in Turkey.




The use of thalassotherapy in Turkey dates back to ancient times on the Turkish mainland, i.e. Anatolia (Asia Minor). The specific climatic conditions in the Turkish coastal areas provide the proper thalasso-therapeutic factors.

A combination of nature’s treatments using products from the ocean including hot seawater and seaweed. These aid relaxation and work against stress and help combat the effects of aging and cellulitus.